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The US is filled with beer bars and craft breweries where the cold, frothy brew flows liberally. You will also find great selection of beer stores and great bottle shops where you can find a vast range of drinks, both from the states and beyond.

The United States wine and beer stores is one of the best places you can buy your beer. They provide the best import selections across the world. Their beer brand selection is thorough with a vast range of beer brands I have never witnessed before!

Beer distributors near me seem to carry only better breweries that distribute within Minnesota. Overall, I would recommend some of the US best beer stores near you as we are going to look in this article.

Pros And Cons Of Drinking Beer


  • Provides minerals, flavonoids, and vitamins: Beer is rich in B-group vitamins and magnesium. The hops and barley used in beer production are rich in flavonoids, which have very powerful antioxidant effects.
  • Helps in producing good cholesterol: Adequate alcohol drinking affects most of the processes in your body, which is important in increasing HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).
  • Lowers risk of CHD (Coronary Heart Disease): There is strong evidence that moderate alcohol consumption has properties of cardio-protective. Light drinkers are at much lower risks of coronary heart disease-related mortality than abstainers and heavy drinkers.
  • Protects against radiation: Moderate beer consumption
  •  Reduces risks of developing kidney stones: Moderate beer consumption may reduce the risks of contracting kidney stones
  • Protects against radiation: Moderate beer consumption helps in reducing chromosomal damage coming from radiation exposure.


  • “Beer belly”: Heavy beer consumption may cause abdominal obesity (“beer belly”) in men.
  • Dehydration and intoxication: Alcohol is a dehydration substance that reduces central nervous activities. Excessive consumption can lead to intoxication, hangover, and dehydration.
  • Heartburn: Beer contains gastric acid secretion stimulants that may provoke gastroesophageal reflux that causes heartburn
  • Impairment of driving skills: Even little consumption of alcohol can have serious effects on motor skills and attention. Many accidents are alcohol related.
  • High blood pressure: Excessive alcohol consumption may increase your blood pressure.

How To Find The Best Beer Stores Near Me

We recommend Google Search, Google Maps and Yelp to help you find where to buy beer near you. In this great piece, we have selected some of the best beer distributors within United States to guide you through your beer shopping. Here is a list of 10 most popular beer stores spread across the US:

1. Top Hops Beer Shop

Located in Lower East Side Disney, this beer shop has over 600 beer varieties available for buying as well as beer-centric events such as book signings and brew-master visits. This lower east side beer shop is for brew-heads.

2. Good Beer

Located in the lower east side of NYC, Good Beer specializes in beer from nano, micro and independent breweries. This hidden east village shop has mostly American labels with formidable selection from Scandinavia, Belgium and Germany as well. Beer here comes with impressive can and bottle collection that is greatly appealing to customers.

3. New Beer Distributors

Located in the lower east side village, this beer distributor has seemingly endless rows of brews with various single bottles available for sale.

4. Milk and Hops

Located in Astor Place, the accurately chosen selection here is only rivalled by superb offering of cheese together with it. Run by Mike Fisher and Jacob Berg, this beer store carries favorite brews such as Finback and Evil Twin including 10 brews on tap. Do not forget to pick snacks on your way out, making the pickle selection fantastic.

5. Lions beer store

Do you like trying before purchasing? At this East Village beer store and bar, you are guaranteed of one of every 350 beers sold for taste-on-site, with other offerings such as spectacular Trappistes Rochefort 8 and other local brews from the Long Island’s Twin Fork.

6. St. Gambrinus Beers Shoppe

Located in convivial Hill spot, this brew pub near me was named after patron saint of beers with exclusive discounts for members. 16 beers taps are available, with focus on local breweries, with over 200 cans and bottles selection options.

7. Beer Table Pantry

Located inside the Grand Central Terminal along Metro North, this brewery produce draft and craft beers, including New York State labels such as Greenpoint and Rushing Duck Co. In case the ones on tap do not cut it, select from over 100 bottled varieties available in the store.

8. Alphabet City Beer Co.

Located in Williamsburg in the East Village spot, this beer store is your one-stop beer shop for any brand of sustenance with 12 beers on tap, a cheese and meat counter, over 350 bottle brews, plus fresh groceries and bread. Don’t miss sampling local brews like Bronx Brewery’s and Easy Blonde.

9. Triboro Beverages

Triboro beverages store traces its roots back in 1936, when an IC and beer delivery company. Today, the Astoria shop tucked under Grand Central Parkway has over 500 different brands of beer, and if you fail to get what you are looking for, they will order it immediately

10. Beer Bunker

Located in 7918 SE Stark Street Portland, the Montavilla’s Beer Bunker shop is open,  bright, and superb for large groups, with a twelve tap bar on one side and coolers holding approximately 250 bottles located on the other side. Sometimes the owner seek out small batch of unique beers continually, so expect to find bottles coming from folks like Oregon standbys and Commons.

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