When you think of this great workout known as roller skating, you may think of someone on a roller blades, strolling along the skateboard parks and sidewalks near the beaches. However, you can perform roller skating anywhere you like, even within your neighborhood. Roller skating is not only a fun activity, but also a workout offering great health benefits to your body.

Benefits Of Roller Skating Near Me

Here are the key top 10 health benefits of roller skating:

  • Great as across training workout: Rollers skating is the same as jogging workout in terms of caloric consumption and health benefits, leg strength development and body fat reduction. Therefore, if you are an athlete and you are looking for a workout to keep you in shape during your off seasons, pick on roller skating.
  • Easy on the joints: Roller skating provides you with the fluid motion that helps in keeping you from damaging your joints. This will help you enjoy movements like dancing or running without hash impacts.
  • Good for the mood: Have you ever seen someone frowning and roller skating at the same time? Obviously not! Between the lights, social aspects, sunlight, fun, music, and health benefits, roller skating workout is one of the key fun workouts.
  • Great for improving coordination, balance and agility: Roller skating workout helps in improving balance with the strength of lower back and abdominal muscles, since you need to maintain a stable core to stay upright during the workout. Coordinating balance leg movement and balance improves coordination.
  • Works the legs and arms: Roller skating works the glutes and legs as you power through the workout, while your core and arms are worked out while you balance your entire body during the movement. Roller skating also helps in building your body strength, especially your lower body muscles. Better coordination and stronger muscles works together in preventing injuries and keep you limber and active as you age.
  • Fat burning (calorie burning): An average person weighing approximately 190 pounds can anticipate to burn around 10 calories per minute of roller skating. The benefits of calorie-burning with roller skating workout add up quickly. It is possible to burn approximately 300 to 600 calories if you roller skate for an hour.
  • Strengthen your heart: According to American Heart Association, roller skating is an effective aerobatic workout that helps in strengthening the heart.
  • Roller skating can be performed anywhere: Most people prefer roller skating rink.  However, it can be performed outside on a paved trail, on the street, or anywhere with a steady, smooth surface.
  • Improve endurance: Besides enhancing your muscle strength, roller skating can also help enhance your muscle endurance. This means that you can roller skate long distances and perform other intense exercises without getting exhausted.

How To Find Roller Skating Centre Near Me

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We recommend Google Search, Google Maps and Yelp to help you find the best roller skating near you. In this great piece, we have selected the best rollers skating centre within US to guide you through in finding where to roller rink near you.

Here is a list of our updated recommendations of 10 most popular roller skating centres across US:

  1. Skatetown USA: Located in West Chester, Ohio, this skating facility has a hardwood rink for regular roller skaters and a devoted roller-hockey rink complete with benches, scorekeeper box, and locker rooms.
  2. Interskate 91 North: located on the 2nd floor of a shopping mall in Hadley, Mass.
  3. United Skaters of America: Located in Tampa, this popular skating centre is known for “jam skating”. Today’s roller disco combines dancing, gymnastic and skating elements set to music.
  4. Sparkles: Located in Hiram Ga., northwest of Atlanta, this skating center includes a live DJ spinning tunes, wireless Internet, a full service café, and a multi-level indoor playground.
  5. Kate Daze: Located in Omaha, this 45,000 sq foot skating center has first-class skating rink, a huge arcade with roller coaster, a rock-climbing wall, a laser-tag arena, and bumper cars.
  6. Oaks Park Skating Rink and Amusement Park: Located in Portland, Ore, this skating centre was opened in 1905 and is one of the oldest skating centres in US.
  7. Skate Galaxy: Located in Baton Rouge, the Skate Galaxy includes all elements making up a fantastic skate center. They have a special skate-and playground for children, a first-class roller skating floor, and a rock climbing wall.
  8. Roll Arena: Located in Midland, Mich, this is a big skating center with a full-service restaurant, an inline speed-skating team, and a midland rockets.
  9. Skate Centre of Brentwood: Located in Brentwood, Tenn. This fitness center offers four party rooms, with live DJs and an elaborate sound and lighting system.
  10. Northridge Skateland: Located in Northridge, Calif, this skating center has hosted more than seven million skaters over the past 50 years. The 12,000 Sq. foot hardwood roller skating floor is bounded by 7 giant video screens, complemented by sound system and art lighting.
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