We have gone round in some of the New York’s best fish markets to purchase fresh fish for your meatless Fridays. While purchasing and cooking fresh fish may be intimidating, especially with questionable history, there are many great fish markets near you within USA where you can purchase fresh fish.

You need not be an expert in fish in order to buy your favorite fish cut in a fish restaurant near you. An indication of a good fish market near you is that you should be allowed to ask the fish monger what to purchase. You can begin by telling your fish monger preference in terms of what you have experience preparing or like to eat.

Another key aspect to spot a good fish market is a market selling whole fish, and not just fillets. Check for flesh that is firm, clear eyes, bulging out, and not sunken in. Even if you are not planning to purchase and de-bone a whole fish, a product from it is a sign that the market using healthy and fresh fish.

Health Benefits Of Eating Fish

  • Fish is high in a vast range of vital nutrients, including iodine, high-quality protein, and various minerals and vitamins. Fatty fish are also contain high vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Eating at least one fish serving per week has been connected to reducing risks of strokes, and heart attacks.
  • Fresh fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is important for development of the eyes and brain. It is recommended that nursing and expecting mothers ensure they take enough omega-3s
  • Fresh fish consumption is allied to reduced decline in the brain functionality during old age. People who take fresh fish regularly also have additional grey matter in their brain centers that helps in controlling emotion and memory.
  • Fresh fish may help in protecting your vision during old age. People who take more fresh fish are at a much reduced risk of developing macular collapse, a leading cause of blindness and vision impairment.
  • Fresh fish may help in preventing asthma in children.
  • Fresh fish consumption is associated to lower risk of autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes.
  • Fresh fish is a key dietary source of Vitamin D.
  • Fresh fish is easy to prepare and more delicious.

How To Find The Best Fish Markets Near Me

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We recommend Google Search, Google Maps and Yelp to help you find the best fish market, shop or restaurant near you. In this great piece, we have selected the best fish markets within USA to guide you through in finding where to buy fresh fish near you. Once you are set on purchasing fish, you can head to any of these fresh fish markets near you where you can buy fresh fish best for you.

Here is a list of our updated recommendations of six most popular and largest fish markets spread across various cities in USA:

1. Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.

Located in 114 Nassau Ave., Brooklyn, this is the only sustainable fresh fish market in Greenpoint. It also functions as fish restaurant near you, complete with table service and counter side seats in the back.

2. The Lobster Place

Located in Chelsea Market 75 9th Ave, this is one of the biggest fish markets in NYC. They sell thousands of pounds of both retail and wholesale seafood daily. The Lobster Place fish market is often packed with many tourists opting for the freshly boiled lobster or fresh takeaway sushi. The best deal is found in retail fish market, where you can choose live lobsters by weight, a massive selection of oysters and clams can inspire sufficiently home cooked dinner.

3. Ocean Fish Market

Located at 35-08 30th AV., Astoria, the Ocean Fish Market is ornamented like a tropical getaway. Walking into the Ocean fish market is almost like entering a cruise ship’s restaurant, except that you do not require a ticket. This market owns five boats that ferry local catch and sell fresh fish at fair prices.

4. Metropolitan Fish Market

Located at 635 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, the Metropolitan fish market is the only fresh fish shop near me that is left in Williamsburg. It is open for both wholesale and retail whole fresh fish sale, with plenty of live crustaceans, fillet specials and whole fresh fish.

5. Acme Smoked Fish

Located at 30 Gem St., Brooklyn, this fish market offer smoked fish, which is preferred by many, residing by New York City. The cash-only fish store near you sells a variety of its smoked fish, from herring to lox to speciality whole whitefish varieties at wholesale prices.

6. Blue Moon Fish Market

This family-possessed fish shop near you brings fresh fish catches from the Long Island into the New York City Greenmarkets. The Blue Moon fish shop sells local, seasonal and fresh fish selections from halibut to bay borders, at affordable prices.

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