Being a die-hard bookworm, I love good used book stores near me. Browsing through cheap used book stores near you is a pleasurable way of exploring a new city. In addition, you never know the treasures you will find in your adventure!

In case, you are looking for cheap second hand book stores near you, be sure to make time for a bargain book hunt.  These book stores may be tiny, obscure and even intangible. However, be rest assured that you will easily locate your favorite used discount book stores near you with our guide. And of course, any cheap deal is always worth the hunt.

In this era of online retailer e-book readers and, used book stores characterized by their unique inventory and quaint feel have historically struggled against online behemoth’s speedy shipping, wide selection and cheap prices. What are you waiting? Grab your eco-bag and enjoy wandering the stacks at your favorite second hand book store near you today.

I don’t want to imagine even a single day of a world with no used book stores. Here are some of the key benefits of used book stores near you:

Benefits Of Used Book Stores

  • There is a sense of touch and feel when you purchase your books at used book stores. You cannot compare it to buying books on the internet.
  • In a used book store, you can spend your time looking at interesting or unusual books, even if you do not want to purchase them.
  • On the used book stores, you can get a sense of the ranging prices, and weigh in your mind whether the book in your hands and not in your mind is worth the tag price. If you are not satisfied with the price you can decide to set it aside and look further elsewhere with more discount used book stores near you.
  • The used bookstores, antique stores and thrift stores are great for the surprise finds, especially for those unusually old books you have never heard of on the interesting topics.

How To Find The Best Used Bookstores Near Me

used book store nearby

We recommend Google Search, Google Maps and Yelp to help you find the best used book store available near you. In this great piece, we have selected some of the best used book stores within United States to guide you through when shopping for these books. Here is a list of our updated list of 10 most popular used book stores spread across the US:

1. Jerbs bookstore: (Located at Guadalupe Commercial Complex Makati Ground Floor, 5-A No. 2, Burgos Corner EDSA, Makati City)

The Jerbs used books store was established in 1966 by Mang Ed, who is known by his regular customers as witty, kind, and bookworm of the highest degree. It offers supper low prices for your favorite used books that will turn you into a devoted reader in case, you are not one already.

2. Chapter IX books and more: (Located in 2nd Floor, Circle C Mall, along Congressional Avenue, Quezon City)

It started as a small stall, but it is a very reputable used book store. You will get almost all the hard-to-find used books, both second hand and new books in every category imaginable: contemporary, sci-fi/fantasy, classic, romance, suspense/thriller, non-fiction (historical, general knowledge, philosophy, motivational), noir/hardboiled fiction, children’s books, YA, and more.

3. Books from underground: (Located in Manila City Hall Underpass)

Books from underground book store only sells hard-to-find used books. The second-hand books sold here are very rare titles of all genres: coffee-table books, non-fiction, and fiction among many other titles. If you miss a title you are looking for, worry not, you place an order.

4. Recto cartimar bookstore: (Located at Cartimar Building Shopping Center, Stall 31, Severino Street, Manila)

This book store sells used books, with low prices as low as less than $2. It’s a very tiny store, hence you cannot hangout there however, if you are a solemn bookworm, this is one of the greatest stores you can pay cheap and dig through excellence.

5. Alikabooks: (Found in several sidewalks in ManilaIt is the most popular book store along Padre Fauna). Although this is a sidewalk store, the extensive selection, will take you by a huge surprise. In a chaotic, populated, crowded city, Alikabook book store offers food for soul.

6. Bookay-Ukay: (Located at Teacher’s village, Quezon City, Diliman, Maginhawa Street, No.78)

They sell both second-hand and brand new books, plus CDs. This is a special place to be since you can trade books in or sell them your used books.

7. Remnants: (Located in Cubao X Araneta Center, Quezon City, General Romulo Avenue, 1109 Manila)

8. Hemingway bookshop: (Located in First United Building, Binondo, 310 Escolta Street, Ground Floor)

It stores majorly caters for classics and philosophy; and it is very elusive.

9. Booksale: (Located in most major shopping malls)

This is the king of all second-hand book stores. It has many outlets scattered across the country, making accessibility very convenient since it is present in almost all major shopping malls.

10. Books please: (Located at University Mall, Taft Avenue, De La Salle University, Ground floor, Manila)

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