Finally, you decided to get rid of your Grandma’s old stuff. Perhaps, you and your wife were in disagreement over it.

What happened next? The age-old tradition followed. Your wife had the final word, and you were left with no choice but to get rid of the old belongings. Nevertheless, you hadn’t touched them in years, and the emotional connect was no longer there. You search for antique dealers near me but to no avail. Like most of us, you could be an alien in this field.

To set the wheels in motion, you show the antique items to your friends to gauge their interest. Some of the distant friends politely decline your offer to buy the items, while close ones show you the middle finger. In their eyes, your stuff is old, beaten crap.

Anyways, you decide to carry on and continue your hunt for ‘antique stores near me. ’Hold on! You may never make any progress unless you know where to look. Luckily, there are ample resources to help you with your search for nearby antique stores. Let’s introduce you to these resources.

Google Search To Locate Antique Stores Near Me

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If you are not familiar with Google search, you would probably not be reading this.Google has an army of online users, and you are one of them. Using the Google search feature, you can find just about anything under the sun.

Your best bet would be to get your antiques appraised to decide the right selling price. Without knowing the right value, some dealers might take you for a ride. The chances are that you may end up getting a fraction of the real price for the items. So, we suggest entering terms such as, ‘antique mall near me’ or ‘antique appraisers near me’ to get the items appraised in the first place.

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You never know you might find a diamond in the rough by getting the items appraised. Once you get the items appraised, you can talk like an expert even if you don’t have in-depth knowledge at this point. At least, you know what your items are worth.

So, you are not losing out on the bargaining power. Since Google has always returned treasure hunt worth of results, it won’t mind helping you locate a nearby antique store. So, get your fingertips to work on the Google search tool to eliminate the old belongings from your house before your wife gets mad at you again.

Google Map

To find locations through your web browser or smartphone, Google Mapscan prove to be an empowering tool. To get started, simply head to on your browser or open the application on your smartphone.

Once done, it will automatically load your current location. If it doesn’t, you can manually update your current location from the settings panel. The rest is easy as pie. Just enter the location you are looking for and click on the ‘Search’ icon. Now, simply wait for the magic.

Upon your instructions, Google Map will get to work like a loyal servant. The map of the searched location will be displayed on your screen. Bingo!

To narrow down the search results, have a look around the Google Map for the exact location you want. Type something like, ‘Antique Stores near ___ or ‘Antique Stores in ___. (Replace the blank area with your location).

Done! You will now have a clear map of the exact area you are searching for in a moment’s notice.


Heard about Yelp before? The ENTIRE Internet knows about it. Where were you? Just kidding! Basically, Yelp provides iPhone users with data on nearby businesses. Their rich data of customer reviews gives them a distinct advantage over their competition.

The reviews will help you decide on an antique shop. The chances are that you might discover a store just a few blocks away hidden inside a shopping mall. So, best of luck fellow Yelper!

With Yelp, you will be hitting two birds with one stone. You will not only find an antique store near you, but you will also learn about the place in advance through customer reviews found on the site.

Yelp will also recommend you nearby highly rated antique stores. So, you can gladly join this new force to find antique shops near you without throwing an arm and a leg.

Last Words

Hopefully, the information listed above will help you with your ‘antique shops near me’ pursuit. So, go ahead and chaseyour antique shopping near me endeavor and visit a nearby antique store at the earliest to avoid the gross look on your wife’s face when you return from work. Don’t fret; allthe married men are sailing on the same boat.

By the way, on your return from the antique store, show your friends what the beaten items fetched you.

Of course, don’t forget anyone in the circle who told you that the antique items weren’t worth a dime. The chances are that they almost influenced you to bin the items. Gladly you didn’t. Nevertheless, it’s your time to return the favor. Feel free to show them the middle finger. Damn! What a payback!

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