Booking regular dog grooming appointments for your pet dog does not just keep him pretty, but also keeps him happy and healthy. We all know we need to do professional dog grooming, but what does it really do for your dog besides making them appear prettier? Generally, a clean pet dog is a happy dog. Clean skin and fur, no hair in the eyes, clean teeth and clipped nails all makes your pet dog better behaved and comfortable.

Here are the key benefits of professional dog grooming near you:

  • Long hair in pets is the culprit of a variety of skin and discomfort issues. Hair hanging over your dog’s eyes can restrict vision changing the dog’s behavior and capabilities. When long hair is not washed and brushed regularly, pet dogs frequently suffer matting and may load your dog with extra weight.
  • Overgrown dog nails may be painful, with long nails growing into your dog’s paw pads, causing infection. Long nails may cause your dog’s toes to bend creating walking disfigurement.
  • Matting of the dog’s hair can be painful, causing many skin conditions. In some cases, matting may be so severe that it limits body movement, hence leading to deformity.
  • Grass seeds may not be detected easily if you are not pro-active with your grooming. Hidden grass seeds may lead to sever and abscesses infection. It is not disregarded of for a pet dog to lose an eye from hidden grass seed.
  • Double coating from uneven brushing can lead to additional coating, causing your dog to suffer heat stress.
  • Dental pet dog disease can lead to teeth loss, bad breath, and reduced appetite. If this is not treated in time, may cause organ damage to your pet dog’s heart, kidneys and liver.
  • Ticks, mites and fleas are some of the key parasites that may be fatal to your dog and they thrive on untreated and dirty bodies.

All these issues listed can be harmful to your pet dog’s mental health, due to the pain and discomfort they can cause. By professionally tending to your dog’s grooming needs regularly, you can optimize your dog’s mental and physical health.

Mobile Dog Grooming

I am convinced that you may have spotted a mobile grooming van moving round with picture of dogs on their sides. Mobile dog grooming near you brings the groomer to your home and plea to you for a vast range of reasons why your pet grooming is necessary.

dog groomer nearby

Pros Of Mobile Dog Grooming

  • Eliminates physical stress and separation anxiety for your dogs
  • No tranquilizers
  • Special attention is given to older pet dogs
  • Eliminates stress of finding a pick-up and grooming shop drop-off
  • Personalized specific expert care and more attention is given to each dog
  • Services performed in a climate controlled, clean and safe environment
  • No cage drying
  • No cage confinement
  • No steps (ramps used and lifting when needed)
  • No exposure risks to other animals
  • Appointments are available seven days a week
  • Eliminates elongated stays at the professional grooming shop (appointments last between 1 and 2 hours)
  • It is possible to seek same groomer each visit to encourage trust and bonding with your pet dogs.
  • Only all non-toxic, natural shampoo products used


  • Cost: While mobile dog grooming offer convenience, they may change more than the ordinary grooming salon. Some mobile pet groomers near me adds convenience fee hourly. You will need to compare a few mobile pet groomers to find some cheap dog groomers near you.
  • Enclosed grooming area: While ordinary pet grooming salon near you have visible environments, convincing pet dog owners that their pals are treated well, may not be easy. This makes some dog owners anxious.
  • Your location: Most homes are located on busy roads with marginal shoulder space or may need four-wheel drive to access. Such situations may hinder mobile dog’s groomers from extending their mobile services at your home. In addition, many homeowners, condominiums, gated communities, associates have restrictions that may restrict local dog groomers from parking their vans next to your home.

How To Find The Best Dog Groomers Near Me

We recommend Google Search, Google Maps and Yelp to help you find the best local dog groomers near you. In this great piece, we have selected some of the best pet groomers near you within US to guide you through in finding the best cheap dog grooming salons near you. Here is a list of our updated recommendations of 10 most popular best dog groomers within US:

  1. Charspets Mobile Grooming (Orange, CA 92867)
  2. Sanders K-9 Inn, Inc. (112 W Walnut Ave Fullerton, CA 92832)
  3. Teddy’s Grooming Mobil Pet Salon (Anaheim, CA 92806)
  4. Pacific Mobile Grooming (Anaheim, CA 92801)
  5. Mobile Grooming By Fu (Brea, CA)
  6. Paw Paws Mobile Dog Grooming (Serving Westminster & the Surrounding Area)
  7. Happy & Love Mobile Pet Grooming (Serving Diamond Bar & the Surrounding Area)
  8. Ann’s Pet Grooming (405 S State College Blvd Brea, CA 92821)
  9. OC Dog House Grooming (Brea, CA 92821)
  10. Bubbly Pup (Brea, CA 92821)
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