There is nothing quite good like fresh bagels near me sandwiched with cream cheese. First, I bite through the outer crust; then move to the bubbly chewy crumb. A real US bagel is a yummy thing: boiled then baked, compact but not too compact, with a cracky, glossy outer crust and a squishy inside that should never need toasing, when fresh.

However, not every bagel in USA is true, and most people within US has a strong view on the best bagel places near them. To help you avoid the crumby, puffy, bready, and otherwise inferior places out there, we have rounded up some of the closest bagel shops across various cities in USA.

Is Bagel Good For Health?

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It is difficult to make a conclusive statement that all bagels are bad or all bagels are good. If you take too much bagel, they can be dangerous for your health. However, if you choose the right bagel, they can be a healthier choice for your breakfast.

Health Benefits Of Bagels

  • Bagels may not be the healthiest breakfast out there. However, eating one bagel is better than missing at all. Skipping breakfast with bagel component regularly is correlated with impaired vitality and obesity, mental health, emotional and social functioning.
  • Taking bagel for breakfast can boost your energy level.
  • Bagels for breakfast may keep you alert and full until lunch.

The Downsides Of Bagels

  • Since bagels contains relatively high calories, they may lead to steady weight gain with time if you fail to monitor your calories consumption.
  • Too much of bagels may be dangerous, because they contain high content of carbohydrates.
  • Bagels with low fibre content (lower than 4g per serving) are unlikely to keep you full for longer hours until lunch time.

How To Find The Best Bagel Shops Near Me

We recommend Google Search, Google Maps and Yelp to help you find the closest bagel shops near you with fresh bagels. In this great piece, we have selected some of the best bagel shops within USA to guide you through when you decide to have fun.

Here is a list of 10 most popular bugle shops or restaurants with fresh delicious bagels spread across various cities in USA:

1. Ess-a-Bagel

Located at 831 3rd Ave (between 50th and 51st St.), New York, this family owned bagel shop bakes notoriously huge bagels, with the crisp crust and squishy interior that defines a classic, great bagel. You will also find a vast array of smoked fish, egg sandwich and spreads options.

2. Absolute Bagels

Located at 2788 Broadway (at W 108th St), New York. It has wide-mouthed oven and enormous steaming pot that supply Absolute Bagels shop with pillowy fresh bagels. The spot mostly draws a long line however, it is worth the long wait for one of those lacquered-on-the outside, soft-on-the-side rounds.

3. Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co.

Located at 286 8th Ave (between W 24th and W 25th St), New York. The fresh bagels here are huge and you will get abundant flavored cream cheese that you will not get hungry for the day. Every time I visit NY, I plan to visit this bagel restaurants near me with interesting spreads and huge delicious bagels I have never seen elsewhere.

4. Tompkins Square Bagels

Located at 165 Avenue A (between E 10th St and E 11th St), New York. This bagel shop have now been perfected with deep brown, chewy doughty perfect crust inside.

5. Murray’s Bagels

Located at 500 Avenue of the Americas (between W 12th and W 13th St), New York, this bagel restaurant has warm and delicious bagels. You will get a plain bagel sandwich with veggie cream cheese, it’s so delicious and mouthwatering.

6. Russ & Daughters

Located at 179 E Houston St (between Allen and Orchard St), New York. This bagel restaurants near me has a friendly ambiance and the best lox. The salmon is unbelievably fresh with smoked flavor that perfectly goes with thick cream cheese making it fresh and tasty.

7. The Best Bagel & Coffee
Located at 225 W 35th St (between 7th and 8th Ave), New York. You will get your favorite, multi grain bagel taken out with avocado, Munster cheese, hot sause, 2 egg whites, and honey turkey. It is an excellent bagel restaurant near you with a vast range of menu options for any bagel desire you may have.
8. H&H Midtown Bagels East

Located at 1551 2nd Avenue (at E 80th Street.), New York. In case, you are into cupcakes, this bagel shop has the most delicious vanilla cupkakes with rainbow sprinkles and white icing, besides their awesomely famous challah and bagels. When you visit this fresh bagel shop near you,donot even worry getting your bagel toasted, since they are almost certainly fresh out of oven.

9. Sadelle’s

Located at 463 W Broadway (between Prince and Houston), New York. This bagel shop produce freshly baked and delicious bagels. The bagels also come with excellent egg sandwich with the babka and chives cream cheese. You will have your fresh bagels, with beautiful space if you visit Sadelles bagel restaurant for your bagels.

10. Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish

Located at 146 Chambers St (between W. Broadway and Greenwich St), New York. This bagel restaurant offers excellent fresh bagels with all you require, with great fish too. The pumpernickel bagel with sauerkraut and pastrami is great, but the salmon bagel is awesome too.

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