Beyond the well-known tourist sites, there are great joints in where the locals visit that will give you the actual taste of US today, along with the history of the towns.  Various towns within US has a fantastic nightlife scene, including live music near you and entertainment that will give extra touch to of the states to your vacation.

Benefits Of Live Music Near You

Here are some of the benefits of listening to live music playing in a hotel or club near you:

  1. Positive Energy: Live music creates an atmosphere of positive energy created by the beautiful notes. The live music involves playing instruments such as ukulele, guitar, the harp among other stringed instruments which is interesting, upbeat, and creates a peaceful melody to a live music restaurant near you full of people while enjoying beverage, snacks or just buy time.
  2. Enhanced Ambiance: Irrespective of how bountifully a pub or restaurant near you is decorated, pubs and restaurants with live music gains additional ambiance to create a mood of energy, exotic interest or romance.
  3. Unique experience: bars, restaurants or clubs near us with live music can take us on a venture and take us to unknown places. Live music with an innovative blend of classical guitar with Brazilian style and delightful flamenco, listeners can enjoy something special and unique, while appreciating inspiration and resonating emotions from the vocals and finger plays.
  4. Engaged Customers: In most of the restaurants or clubs today, it’s unfortunate how many customers are glued to their phones. However, with live music in a hotel lounge or restaurant, there is an added fascination that draws customers away from their smart phones, to enjoy the live performance. When customers are engaged with sweet live music performance, they are more likely to stay much longer to enjoy the show. Therefore, they are likely to purchase more snacks/or drinks.
  5. Artist Interaction: With a fascination like live music, your bar or restaurant will draw additional customers when they hear the live music sound while passing on the streets, attracting them to enjoy more closely. An emotional connection happens with live music, something that only music and art can offer in your life. Customers will always want to associate that night at your joint with a magical night.

How To Find Live Music Near Me Tonight

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We recommend Google Search, Google Maps and Yelp to help you find pubs and restaurants near you with live music. In this great piece, we have selected some of the best joints with entertaining live music within United States to guide you through when you decide to have fun. Here is a list of 10 most popular entertainment joints with fantastic live music spread across the US:

  1. Green Leaf Cafe: Located on Scotland Street, a walking distance to the Merchants Square, the Green Leaf Café is one of the common evening and late night joints in town. It was at one point voted one of the best beer joints in the US. Regularly attracting all ages, this local eatery/tavern turns into a leading hang out joint for after-hours ventures. With lots of drinks and snacks, anytime is a fantastic time in Green Leaf Cafe.
  2. Paul’s Deli & College Deli: Located in Colonial Williamsburg. It has great drink specials, happy hours, and customers that stay awake all night enjoying the live music with an air of entertainment.
  3. The Corner Pocket: Located along John Memorial Highway, the Corner Pocket joint has great live music, pool tables, and microbreweries that bloom here in an upscale environment after the sun goes down and lunch menu changes to dinner. Just check the calendar and join the locals for fun.
  4. Second Street Restaurant & Tavern: Just like many taverns in the town, this joint is open to serve great meals and ale all day, and then turn into late night joint with live music play. The atmosphere in this joint is relaxing and inviting with the sweet live music, making it an excellent joint for your evening out.
  5. Gambol’s at Chowning’s Tavern: Located along Duke of Goucester Street in Historic District, this joint comes alive in the quitting time. For more than 200 years now, this tavern has fed, hydrated, and entertained a large population of settlers and travellers. Live music, periodic customers, dancing and singing fill the joint, so pull up your bench and have fun.
  6. The Library Tavern: Located at 1330 Richmond Road, this joint has great food, drinks, and nation-wide trivia games that makes it top hangout joint on the list. Most nights here feature live music and DJ that masters the live music riffles across speakers.
  7. JM Randalls Restaurant & Tavern: Located at 4854 longhill Rd, this joint features the best in live music entertainment from Jazz musicians to talented Blues. See the best live music this side of the street and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere all night from jazz sessions to all-out performances.
  8. Christian Campbell’s Tavern: Located along Waller Street behind Capitol Building, this joint offers all the great traditional entrees for less money. The joint provides an excellent show with periodic live music.
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