If you are reading this page, it means that you are searching for “sports bars near me”, “late night bars near me”, “bars open late near me”, and “bars near me open now”. This article will help you find the best bars in your location.

Going to the bar is something us humans love to do on the weekends, during our free time, out with friends, or even alone. What’s better than mixing the experience with sports? Not much, right?

The thing is, sometimes you’re not sure of what bars are geared more towards sports lovers. Yeah, most bars will have the game of the night playing on their TV, but you want one that’s all for the love of sports. This is where we come in.

When you choose to use our tool, you get to find the sports bars near you so you don’t have to waste your time going from bar to bar, only to find it’s more of a nightclub, or just a plain old bar. It’s so easy to use; just choose your state you are in, then the city, and you’ll be directed to a list of the sports bars near you.

Sports Bars Near Me

If you’re thinking to yourself, “How am I going to ever find the best sports bars near me?” Then look no further. With out nearest sports bar tools, you can find the closest sports bar to you in no time. Not only does it give you that, but you can see the other options available if you end up not enjoying it.

You can even go further with the internationalization and find the sports bar and grill near me, the sports restaurants near me (for those who don’t necessarily drink), sports bars near me now, late night bars near me, or even just the simple sports pubs near me. Whatever it is, if it involved sports, drinks, and a good time, you can find it with us.

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Late Night Bars Near Me

Sometimes, we want to go to the bars at the most inconvenient of times. This is not a bad thing, but you definitely need to do searches such as pubs near me open now, bars near me open now or bars near me open, just so you can find somewhere who will be able to serve you.

Drinking is one of those things we can stay up all night doing, and a great way to get things to the next level is to go to the bar. So when it comes to finding the places to drink near me, it shouldn’t be any harder than we make it for you. Never wonder again, “Where is a sports bar near my location?” It takes about a minute to load up our page, choose your state, and your city, for you to find just what you need.

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Bars Open Late Near Me

Not only are there bars that are open late to serve you some beer and high quality alcohol, you can get some great eats at some of these places. Nothing goes hand in hand like eating and drinking. This is where the term “sports restaurants near me” would be a good thing to look up.

Keep in mind, if you’re going to the bar late, then be careful. There are usually other people that, many who have been there drinking for a while. If you want to find a place to have a pointless fight or problem, then going to a bar full of drunk people is definitely what you are looking for.

Bars Near Me Open Now

You might assume that the bars near you that are open late might not be the best. In fact, some of the best bars people love are the ones that are open all night. Not to mention, it’s a good place to pick up some grub. While not all bars have this feature, there are many bars that have some of the best food ever.

The best way to check out the features of a bar is to see their website pages online, or to call and ask them yourself. Calling is always one of the better ways to find out many different things because it is just so much faster. When it comes to eating at the bar, foods like hot dogs, pizza, wings, ribs and more are classics that every person seems to love, and most bars with food menus seem to have.

When you use our tool to find the bars near you, you get the choice to narrow down according to what the bar has. So if a bar is also a food serving business, you’ll most likely be able to find it. The best bar for a person will vary depending on who they are, so you can always be sure that you get as many options possible when you use our tool.

best bars near my location

Some of the Best Sports Bars in the United States

Now that we’ve gone over a lot in terms of sports bars and choosing the right one, let’s go over some of the best US Sports Bars. Put these on your list of things to do before you die, they are awesome experiences.

  1. Chappell’s Restaurant & Sports Museum – Kansas City, Mo
    Dive into history while you’re here. Some of the rarest sports memorabilia will make any crazy sports fan nostalgic.
  2. Chatham Tap – Indianapolis, IN
    This is where all the soccer fans need to go. After all, soccer is probably the biggest sport in the entire world!
  3. Ainsworth – New York
    Ok, so this one is pricey. What do you expect, though? You get what you pay for, so make this one a good night and don’t get too wasted.
  4. Bar 508 – Minneapolis, MO
    Have some drinks and get the ultimate experience when it comes to chowing down. Try out their exotic dishes while you’re at it.
  5. Chickie’s & Pete’s – Philadelphia
    Philly has some of the most dedicated sports fans. Get yourself some fries and cheese sauce, and any sports fan will forget the reason they are here in the first place.
  6. Lagasse’s Stadium – Las Vegas
    Las Vegas has it all, but you can’t miss out on this sports bar. Stop by anytime to see what’s going on in the sports world, especially during football season.
  7. Stadium View Bar & Grill – Green Bay, WIS
    Right in the Packers’ home, have a good time staying warm here than feeling cold in the stadium right across the street.
  8. Don & Charlie’s – Scottsdale, AZ
    If you’re more into wine, then you will be in luck at Don & Charlie’s. Get some ribs and a burger while you’re at it.
  9. The Cubby Bear – Chicago
    Right by Wrigley Field, get your buzz on before, during, or after the game at this place!
  10. STATS – Atlanta
    This place gives you a more personalized experience with smaller TVs that are closer to you, rather than big and far screens.
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